DP (Decostruttori Postmodernisti – Postmodern Deconstructors, if you prefer) are four young Italian professional musicians combining sharp technical skills with the verve of cabaret. They perform well known pieces in the most unlikely ways imaginable, and whether or not you are familiar with the originals they are thoroughly entertaining. Being serious, silly and often ironic, DP’s repertoire ranges from contemporary Italian classics such as The Good, The Bad and The Ugly to classical classics by such as Mozart or Holst or Stravinsky to Somewhere over the Rainbow – a classic all of its own. And always in inventive and often quite unexpected arrangements.
The Theremin is perhaps their most sonically distinguishing feature, being one of the first completely electronic instruments and developed in Soviet Russia in the 1920s. Two things make it unique – its very distinctive sound, and the way that the sound is controlled by the player who glides around the instrument without even touching it. The quartet also features the rather more tactile piano, violin/viola and cello, with all the players doubling so that in a concert you might also hear ukulele, melodica, kazoo, bird whistle or slide whistle (and sometimes in the same piece).
DP was created in 2015 in the beautiful hill town of Perugia, the capital of Umbria in central Italy. Originally a duo of Theremin and piano they were later joined first by a violinist then a cellist, giving their first concert as a quartet in January 2016 in the Oratorio of St. Celia’s in Perugia. Since then they have given solo concerts, played in festivals and for the Todi Festival arranged the music for an original piece for theatre. Their flair, innovation and wit are best shown in their 90 minute set:

In The Beginning Was The Sound

……starting with Stravinsky, diving back to the medieval, totally ignoring Beethoven and ending up with the Bee Gees, ‘In The Beginning Was The Sound’ is an informal and entertaining rollercoaster ride through the history of music.

Cyclopean Amelia (Amelia - Umbria)

Sound Sunsets at Domus Volumnia (Perugia - Umbria)

Umbria Che Spacca (Perugia - Umbria)

La Darsena (Castiglione del Lago - Umbria)

Acquasparta (Terni - Umbria)

Tolfarte (Tolfa - Rome)

Todi Festival (Todi - Umbria)

San Savino, Magione

RAI 1 is the Italian equivalent of BBC1 and one of their most popular programmes is their Music Quiz, broadcast at peak time on a Friday night with an audience of over 3 million viewers. On December 30th 2016, Decostruttori Postmodernisti  were guests on the show and played cunningly deconstructed versions of several well known Italian songs for the panel to guess.
Classic FM featured DP performing Tchaikovsky’s First Piano concerto (without the piano) on their Facebook page in mid January 2017. In just one day it had had 180k views and is still getting seen with over 6.5K likes and almost 3K shares. In early March they posted it again and within 6 hours had 27K views and 1k likes. Some of the over 300 comments posted were entertaining and instructive too: “Brilliant, so entertaining!”, “Showing wit and innovation”, “Qué horror!”, “This is what new music should be”, “Ahahaha – I want to die!”, “…the best thing I’ve ever seen”. A couple of weeks later, Classic FM were sufficiently impressed by the performance and the Facebook reaction that they put it on their main site, saying DP are a group  “…who seem to specialise in being extremely clever…”.
They have an enthusiastic and growing Italian fan base and thanks to their active Facebook group and a lively YouTube channel they are attracting fans from all over the world.

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Technical requirements

Technical demands are minimal and well within the capabilities of most venues.

The stage plan below shows the usual positioning of the band members. It can be changed if necessary depending on the available stage space and if discussed in advance.

Stage Plan
Theremin positionThereminAmplified speaker (full range) at ear height with line out to mixer
UkuleleDI box into mixer
Voice/melodicaSM58 into mixer on a boom (easily adjustable)
Music standSolid stand (not folding)
Mains available
Cello positionMusic stand
Armless chair
XLR cable from cello mic to desk
Violin positionMusic stand
XLR cable from violin mic to desk
Voice/kazooSM58 (or equivalent) on boom (easily adjustable)
Keyboard positionArmless chair
Mains available
Stereo DI box
MelodicaSM58 (or equivalent) on boom into mixer
UK contact: Andrew Harvey 07463 855 931

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Photos of DP: © Viola Floris